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Atheric™ Pharmaceutical LLC is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the rapid development and commercialization of re-purposed drugs to prevent and treat Zika and other Flavivirus disease.  Atheric's lead drug products are reformulated broad spectrum antiviral drugs that inhibit autophagy-dependent viral replication as well as other anti-viral pathways.  Atheric is committed to providing broad-spectrum medical countermeasures for Zika and other neglected tropical diseases.


Re-purposed, currently marketed drugs used for other indications,  are the most suitable drug candidates for immediate clinical testing for use in protecting against the Zika Virus infection, including Zika Virus fetal syndrome and GBS.  Provisional patents have been filed with the USPTO. These compounds are autophagy inhibitors, and in vitro testing has demonstrated efficacy. The lead candidates are approved by the FDA for use during pregnancy, and cross the placenta enabling clinically significant pharmacodistribution to both mother and fetus.  What Atheric Pharmaceutical has accomplished so far:

Atheric has several lead multidrug and backup combinations identified as a result of completing the following research activities:

      I.         Multiplex screening of identified compounds was performed using cultured cells (Vero E6, primary human fibroblasts, human astrocyte brain cells) with 2-hour drug pretreatment followed by infection with different ZIKV isolates representing African, Asian/Pacific, and American/Caribbean subtypes.

     II.         Multiple antimalarial and other licensed drugs that meet screening threshold criteria for anti-Zika activity were identified and further characterized.

   III.         In situ multiplex screening combined with mechanism-based pharmacodynamic modeling was then performed using human population pharmacokinetic models to predict and rationally optimize combination dosage regimens for human use.

   IV.         Preparing to test for potential anti-Zika activity in animals (e.g., murine AG129 mouse).

A draft manuscript currently under review by Science Translational Medicine provides a comprehensive review of and the rationale for Atheric’s R&D strategy and the above product development efforts, and is available upon request.