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Atheric™ Pharmaceutical LLC is focused on rapid development and commercialization of re-purposed drugs to prevent and treat Zika, Yellow fever, other viral diseases and bio-threats.  Atheric's lead drug products are reformulated broad spectrum antiviral drugs that inhibit autophagy-dependent viral replication as well as other anti-viral pathways.  Atheric is committed to providing broad-spectrum antiviral medical countermeasures. 

Atheric has a rich and diverse pipeline of drugs with activity against:

  • Flaviviruses (Zika, Yellow Fever, others).
  • Alphaviruses (VEE, Chikungunya, others)

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The development of new antiviral drugs to combat disease is one of the most exciting areas of discovery medicine in the 21st century. In the last two decades, antiviral drugs have become a mainstay of modern medicine. Drugs are now available to treat diseases caused by many different viruses, including influenza, HIV, herpes, hepatitis B and hepatitis C. According to the World Health Organization, antiviral drugs for HIV have saved almost eight million lives over the last fifteen years. For infectious disease outbreaks, antiviral drugs may be the safest and least expensive treatment or prophylactic option.

Atheric Pharmaceutical researchers have discovered that when repurposed drugs with different mechanisms of action are combined, they are much more effective at inhibiting viral infection, including infection by mosquito-transmitted viruses.  Some anti-viral drug combinations have a synergistic effect, which greatly increases the likelihood of success in inhibiting arbovirus replication and spread.  Some of these antiviral drug combinations are also toxic to the mosquitos which spread the virus. These benefits are likely to translate to shorter duration of infection, decreased viral load and, in the case of administering the drugs as a prophylactic, more likelihood of an individual not acquiring the disease (provisional patents filed). Obviously, this is very powerful strategy for combating the ongoing outbreaks of Zika virus,  Chikungunya,  and Yellow Fever virus infections.

Atheric has rapidly identified many different re-purposed drug candidates by:

  • Understanding the cellular interactions that occur during ZIKV infection.
  • Using existing databases to identify repurposed drug candidates.
  • Screening and testing anti-viral activity in cultured cells using multiple viral isolates and sophisticated high-throughput multiplex imaging.
  • Identifying synergistic compound combinations.
  • Down-selecting compounds and compound combinations that are sufficiently bioavailable in humans based on pharmacometric modeling.
  • Animal testing for lead product candidate is underway (Zika).
  • Phase 1 PK studies as well as phase 2a clinical trial designs have been developed.  The Pre-IND application has been submitted to the FDA (Zika).